Cell line development Director



Job Description


Position: Cell line development Director / Senior Scientist


Location: Shanghai or Fuzhou


Language: Chinese & English



     Develop stable CHO recombinant antibody cell lines (including cell banks) and cell cultures for clinic trials and commercial production

❒     As the key member of early PD team, one will cooperate with drug discovery team and also downstream processing people, by using transfection and automatic high throughput selection technology to screening 5~10 top clones as cell bank candidate

❒   Perform cell line stability evaluation and preliminary cell culture process development to deliver stable cell lines (acceptable titer and product quality) to downstream

❒   Follow good lab practice to document the experimental record on laboratory notebook

❒   Experimental equipment’s maintenance, including daily using record, clear, call for repair, etc

    Making sure a clear and tidy working environment, including table and other soft or hard environment management

    Arrange and accomplish all job related documents, including: preparation, writing, translation and filing the documents and reports

     Other tasks that may assigned by manager



     Bachelor degree or above, major in biology or related

     3+ years’ experience related to CHO based cell line and cell culture development, including from transfection, high throughput clones screening, final clone selection and cell culture process in bio-pharma industry

     Hands on experience with FACS or colonepix2 and CSI (or Cell Metric CLD)

     With strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit

     Good communication, organization and cooperation ability

     Skillful in using office software, such as word and power point

     Excellent in reading and writing level both in Chinese and English


TAYU-BIOTECH Introduction:

TAYU Biotech group was established in September 2016, which is committed to develop innovative immunotherapy drug in China founded by Professor Chen Lieping who is a global famous immunologists and oncologists.

Professor Chen Lieping is the world’s leading investigator in the characterization of cell surface co-stimulatory and co-inhibitory molecules that modulate immune responses. He is professor of immunobiology, of dermatology, and of medicine (medical oncology) at Yale School of Medicine and director of the cancer immunology program at the Yale Cancer Center. Professor Chen is the first scientist to apply co-stimulation as a mean for cancer immunotherapy. His laboratory discovered immune suppressive function of the B7-H1 (PD-L1)/PD-1 pathway in cancer and first demonstrated using antibody to block this pathway to enhance tumor immunity for the therapy of cancer. The anti-PD-1 and anti-PD-L1 has been well recognized as the most safe and effective drugs for the therapy of cancer so far.

With a rich experienced R&D team, TAYU is developing anti-tumor drug including immune checkpoint inhibitors, co-stimulus antibodies, dual specificity antibodies and biomarker etc. TAYU group will strive to grow into a top biopharmaceuticals group that covers research, transformation and manufacture in the future.


Contact information:

Address: 8-2 Dongdan Santiao, Dongcheng district, Beijing, China

Tel: +86 10 67177097


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