Academic Awards

· SCBA Presidential Award, Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (2017)
· Warren Alpert Foundation Prize, Warren Alpert Foundation/Harvard Medical School (2017)
· Biomedical Sciences Award, Boao Forum Asia in Biomedical Sciences (2017)
· Shizhang Bei International Award, The Biophysical Society of China (2017)
· CAST-US Innovation Award, Chinese Association for Science and Technology USA (2016)
· AAI-Steinman Award, American Association of Immunologists (2016)
· CAHON-Lifetime Achievement Award, CAHON (2015)
· William B. Coley Award, Cancer Research Institute (2014)
· Inaugural United Technologies Corporation Endowed Chair Professor, Yale University (2013)
· Honorary Master of Arts, Yale University (2012)

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