The pipelines of TAYU HUAXIA are based on Dr. Lieping Chen’s seminal research on tumor immunotherapy, on both early-and late-stage programs. As the only biotech company founded by Dr. Chen in China, TAYU focuses on developing novel antibody therapeutics in cancer immunotherapy and bringing affordable and effective drugs to Chinese patients.

Included: macromolecular drugs of tumor immunotherapy and biomarkers
The revolutionary mechanism of action on common immune control and costimulatory molecules was propose by Professor Lieping Chen, and represents the latest advances in oncotherapy. In the microenvironment of a tumor, it will cut the connection between common immune controls, costimulatory molecules and their ligands, restoring the patient’s immune system to normal and increasing the immunogenicity and immune functionality. This will trigger a chain reaction of self-correction.


TAYU builds on Professor Lieping Chen’s achievements in tumor immunotherapy, which are the product of more than 20 years of research and rely on the most cutting-edge technology. TAYU will also combine the most successful mechanisms of existing tumor drugs, in order to develop the best new models of tumor treatment. At present, we are working on several promising early-stage macromolecule drug projects.

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