TAYU HUAXIA Biotech Medical Group Co., Ltd. Was established in 2016 in China by world-renowned immunologist and oncologist Dr. Lieping Chen, in order to help Chinese patients directly benefit from his research achievements. TAYU HUAXIA is an innovative biotech company with great potential.


TAYU HUAXIA’s management team has extensive industrial experience in new drug discovery and development. Focusing on cancer treatment, TAYU’s pipelines include immune checkpoint inhibitors, co-stimulators, bi-specific antibodies, novel biomarker and diagnostics etc. TAYU HUAIXA strives to become a biomedical enterprise covering the entire industrial chain, from basic and translational research to manufacture and marketing.


Royal Seal Group International - Sole investor for TAYU HUAXIA in Greater China.


It funded 20 years ago, Royal Seal Group has became an international enterprise, a leader in its original fields of entertainment of real estate, while also expanding to areas including biomedical industry, artificial intelligence, and investments in other entertainment and cultural industries with hundreds of billions of RMB assets. Our philosophy is “Zhou Li Ji Hui, Ying Shi Wen Zhang” (benefits for all, stay ahead of trend and ensure steady growth.)


In light of the opportunities afforded by the recent approval of multiple cancer immune therapies based on Dr. Lieping Chen’s research, RSGI is eager to expand into the pharmaceutical industry and support a revolutionary new path in modern cancer research. It brings a deep respect for the value of life, and the goal of improving human health for all.


  • “TAYU” is from chapter 14 of《The Book of Changes》

    It seeks to light a fire in the sky, shining on the world and saving lives.

  • “TAYU” means grand and prosperous

    It symbolizes the wealth of intelligence, knowledge, resources, and the capability to make changes and bring prosperity.

  • “TAYU” can also mean “sharing”

    it shows our willingness to share with and benefit everyone in our quest to improve human health.

TAYU’s Philosophy
With “benefiting everyone”, “strives for prosperity” and “sharing” as the core, following our philosophy of Zhou Li Ji Hui, Ying Shi Wen Zhang (benefits for all, stay ahead of trend and ensure steady growth), TAYU will be here to stay. ...
  • Science

  • Innovate

  • Sharing

love, patience, participating and sharing
TAYU HUAXA’s values include “love, patience, participating and sharing”. Love refers to our love of people, and our commitment to value human life and care for human health, as well as our love and loyalty to our company. Patience is the key in time of difficulties and challenges. Nothing will deter our dedication to saving human lives or our belief in science. Participating represents our attitude toward life, to actively participate in the never-ending quest to improve our work, the lives of the people around us, and the health of our community. Sharing represents our goal to share our quality work and products, and to share the wealth responsibly.

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